Activity Groups engage people through activity, encouraging connection and most of all, fun! Whether it's camping, art, hiking, sports, or any other interests, these groups help connect people to do life together.  

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Host a Backyard BBQ!

Backyard BBQs are a terrific way to stay connected during the summer! Each BBQ will happen once a month throughout the summer. Before opening registration to all, we need to find some hosts! Let us know if you would like to create an opportunity for people to experience God in the life-changing way. Hosts provide the venue and assign people to bring food and drinks to share. Sign up if you would like to host this summer (June, July and August). 

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Softball Group

Leader: Mary Tepas

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Motorsports Group

Leader: Jason Taylor & Justin Perry

This activity group will ride dirt bikes/snowmobiles together at Marias Pass throughout the year. Join us for a fun time outdoors as weather permits. We are excited to have people together from both the Kalispell area and Cut Bank for this group. 

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Mountain Biking Group

Leader: David Tighe

This activity group will mountain bike through various seasons and terrain in the Flathead.  If you have a bike and love to get outdoors sign up.  We'll look to adventure out as weather, roads, and trails permit.  Through the winter it may be a few rides, in the spring we'll amp up the rides. 

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Tai Chi Group

Leader: Jon McBurney
Saturdays 4:30 - 5:30 Lower Auditorium

Tai Chi Chuan Yang style 108 move long form by master Sing Wong Lui. Class starts with basic body warm ups followed by basic energy warm ups. Form follows. Time allowing I’ll go over a few moves in more detail each class next, and finish by doing the form a second time. This is a low intensity work out for all ages. If minors want to participate they need to have a parent or legal guardian in class with them. No workout gear is necessary- just bring your bad self! 

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Hiking Group:  

Leader: Dawn Navarro
A couple of times a month this group jumps at the opportunity to explore God’s awesome creation. We take a Saturday or Sunday to hike trails that includes trips throughout the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park. We will announce hikes as they are set and relay details leading up to each hike. We have hiked Snyder Lake, Columbia Mountain, Apgar Lookout, and many GNP trails.
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Inspired ~  Business Women’s Lunch:

Leader: Pearl Galbraith
"Inspired" Connects, Celebrates and Empowers Working Women and is a 501 (C-3) organization.  All working women of the Flathead Valley are invited for our free monthly luncheon the second Thursday of each month from 11:45 to 12:45. Event is held in Canvas Church Student Auditorium.  Each lunch has a jam packed agenda with time for networking, making new friends, learning from a business speaker and time to laugh.  Join us, it will likely be the most fun lunch you enjoy all month!  Details  The event is no cost, women bring along their own brown bag lunch.  "Inspired" is a faith based organization. 

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Game Night

Hosted by Keith and Cindy Allen for ages 25-35
Join us after the Canvas Gathering on Saturday nights - twice a month (every other week) -  for games and food! Goes all year round. Sign up to get information on our next Game Night!

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