called to dysfunction.

Week #3 Called to Dysfunction

Big idea of the message: God refuses to let us go. 

Main points:
  • Like Gomer
  • God always comes after us with unfailing
  • Forgiving love
Central text/s: Hosea 1:1-3; 2:14-15
Key thoughts or phrase/s: God loves us just the way we are, but refuses to keep us that way. He wants to make us like Jesus.

Gather questions are more general discussion focused tied to the message topic.
  1. Why does God call Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman/whore? 
  2. What does it take to love someone who has violated your trust and is bound to do it again?
  3. What role does forgiveness play when you are hurt, betrayed, or rejected? What does forgiveness look like in real time? 
  4. What does Hosea and Gomer’s story tell us about how God responds to our story?
Grow questions are more personally directed, more “one another” focused. 
  1. Share some examples of God’s faithfulness in our own lives. 

  1. What are some of the ‘bad stories’ or ‘broken systems’ that have become more evident to you through this series?
    • What are some of the things you are tempted to believe about yourself that are contrary to God’s perspective of you? 
    • Do you believe what is true about you, what God says is true about you? 
  1. What are some ways we typically react to the painful situations we find ourselves in?  (Anger, sadness, shame)  
    • What do these reactions tell us about how we view God or how we think He views us?
  1. How well do you distinguish between the painful wound, or hurtful experience and the explanation, or interpretation of that experience?  (Jeremy’s used two arrows to illustrate how we are affected by the dysfunction of the world.)  
    • What has helped you come to a more accurate understanding of the wounded place you are/were in?
    • How has your story of you and or God changed by that new and accurate understanding?
  1. Jeremy said our ‘me-ology’ can get in the way of God’s theology. How do your own stories have your personal bent on them, vs How God sees you?
    • What are some words from the bible that shape your understanding of how He feels about you?  (See Eph. 2:10; 5:1 NLT) 
    • What bible passages describe His commitment to you? (See Heb. 13:5,6; Matt. 28:20)
  2. Dysfunction cannot be self managed, we need each other to help in the healing. How does revealing (my hurt and dysfunction) help in the healing? (See James 5:16)
Go! questions are more missional and application focused moving us outward
  1. What are some ways we can remind ourselves and others of God’s incredible faithfulness?
  2. God’s faithfulness is never minimized by our unfaithfulness. How do you personally need to live in the goodness of God’s grace so others can truly receive his redemptive love on your story or situation?
  3. When has God extended a ‘start over’ or ‘do over’ in your life?  What was the result? Who can you share that story with? 
  4. How can you help those in your life distinguish the difference between the arrow that causes pain and the arrow of our personal suffering?
    • How can you help others to turn their eyes to the hope that Jesus will walk with us, and help heal the wounded places?
Application: “Putting Feet on our Faith” 
  • What specific steps will I/We take to live out what we just discussed? 
  • Who can we share this message or truth with? What is their name?
  • Who are you praying for to know Jesus? What is their name?
  • Who will I partner with to keep me accountable so I/We can grow? 
Group Prayer Time: 
  • Ask if anyone has a need, you can also offer “unspoken” prayer requests. (Remember this group thing is new to many.  It may take some time for people to feel comfortable to share personal things) Always lead with grace!
  • Another suggestion: “share one thing that happened this week.” 
  • What is one step towards God I am going to take this week? Share it, pray it, live it!
  • Subgroup: Groups of two or three (by gender) and share your week together.  This helps people begin to feel more comfortable and trusting.Exchange contact info solely so you can let them know you are praying for them. No need to be the prayer police just send them a text, or leave a message letting them know you have prayed for them this week. 
Week #3 Proverbs Daily Reading: Truth to Live By
  1.  Hosea 1 & 2
  2. Proverbs 8:22-36
  3. Proverbs 9
  4. Proverbs 10
  5. Proverbs 11