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Message Series: Fresh Start – Week# 3

Message: Pacemaker 

Communicator: Pastor Kevin

Big Idea: Love God with our whole hearts

Central Text/s: Matthew 12:35, Jer 17:9, Ps 51:10, Prov 4:23, Ps 26:2

Wins and Words of the Week: Take time to share WINS, (what God did) and WORD, (what God shared with you from His word) that moved you and others forward and closer to Jesus.

Ice Breaker: When was the last time your emotions were really stirred up?  What tends to get your emotions stirring?

Questions to Consider:  

  1. What makes our heart, the seat of our emotions, so vital to our spiritual development?  Read Mt 12:35. What are some ways we can learn to recognize the state of our hearts?
  2. What does our culture say about how we should live relative to our hearts?  How well is that working out for us as a culture
  3. What convinces you that you need a ‘spiritual pacemaker?’  
  4.  As we seek to align our hearts with God’s heart, how well do we know God’s heart?  What are some things that break God’s heart?  What are some things that God rejoices over?

Digging Deeper: 

  1. What are some of the ‘calibrating questions’ you ask yourself in the realignment process?    
  2. Of our mind, soul, and heart, what makes our hearts so vulnerable to going astray?  Read Prov 4:23.  What does it mean to guard our hearts?
  3. How can you ‘feel the feels, but control the actions?’  What are some of the actions you particularly need to control?  Where have your words spoken in anger resulted in deep wounds?  When have you been wounded by the angry words of another?
  4. What will it look like this week for you to give your whole heart to God?  Where can your obedience to God be right away, all the way, with a happy heart?  
  5. Out of the four responses on the connection card, 1. I give my life to Jesus. 2. I realize my heart is deceitful, it needs realignment. 3. I want to guard my heart. 4. I will love God with ALL my heart. Which resonated most with you? How do you plan on addressing it in your life? How can we as a group best support you in moving that forward? 

Questions for Application: 

  1. What specific steps will I/We take to live out what we just discussed? 
  2. Who can we share this message or truth with? What is their name?
  3. Who are you praying for to know Jesus? What is their name?
  4. Who will I partner with to keep me accountable so I/We can grow?

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