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Life Groups are at the heart of community at Canvas Church. This is where we connect and build healthy relationships, but we can’t do it without Life Group Hosts. We walk alongside you to make hosting a life group simple and fun. So sign up now and a team member will be in contact with you very soon. 

already in a group?

Here are some links for your weekly discussions and tools for group hosts!

why be in a group?

God did not design us to live life alone. Christ-like transformation happens best when we do life with people who encourage, sharpen and challenge us. First and foremost, we are devoted to creating opportunities for people to experience God in a life-changing way at Canvas gatherings. We are then equally devoted to Canvas Life Groups – gathering in homes and talking about how to apply God’s Word to our lives … and to do it surrounded by friends who are also pursuing God.

A Canvas Life Group gives everyone a chance to:
– Know and to be known by others
– Experience genuine community
– Build rich friendships
– Grow in your faith at Canvas