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Series: Exponential                             Week #4

Message: GIFT

Communicator: Pastor Nate Hartman

Big Idea: Kids are a gift from God

Central Text/s:

Wins of the Week: Take time to share WINS, what God did that moved you and others forward and closer to Jesus.


Ice Breaker: Describe one time when you realized a child was a ‘gift’ to you.


Questions to Consider: Choose questions that will work best for your group. Don’t feel you need to “get through” all the questions like a grocery list. Feel free to add to or ask a question in a different way than is written. Trust God for the robust discussion and fruit in your group.  


  1. Throughout this series we’ve been encouraged to “dream God-sized dreams and follow his lead.”   When was the last time you “dreamed a God-sized dream?”  How have you seen  God bring about “exponential results?”    
  2. Read Psalm 127:3.  How have you seen this verse be true in your own life?  How often do you reflect on the fact that you are a gift from the Lord?
  3. Using the acronym of GIFT, Pastor Nate introduced the importance of ministering to kids and youth.  Before going there, what are some motivating factors that lead you to ‘gear to the young?’
  4. G–God gives good gifts.  Read James 1:16-17.  What are some of the good gifts God gives?  How are children a good example of those gifts?
  5. I–Increasing influence.  What are some ways we can use the influence we have to guide and shape the young around us?  How does gearing to the young allow us to influence the young?
  6. F–Fruit that lasts.  Read John 15:16.  Our goal is to change the trajectory of the young toward eternal life.  How does that long-range perspective change how you live your life now?  What is evidence of ‘fruit that lasts?’
  7. T–Together using our time, talents, and treasure. What are some of the talents and treasures you can leverage in influencing the younger generation?  What are some obstacles for you in spending time influencing the younger generation?
  8. If our generosity fuels our legacy, how are we investing in the future?  How can we start/continue to create opportunities for young people to experience God in a life-changing way?

Group Prayer Options: 

    • Ask:  What was one praise and one challenge you experienced this week? Celebrate the praises and pray for the challenges. 
    • Prayer Question: “What’s going on in our lives that we can involve Jesus?”
    • Ask if anyone has a need or knows of a need, you can also offer “unspoken” prayer requests. 
  • Pray for the person on your right, it can be out loud or in silence, if in silence nudge the person next to you letting them know you are done. 
  • Prayer Clusters: Groups of two or three (by gender) and share your week together. Pray together and for each other. Send them a text, or leave a message letting them know you have prayed for them this week. 
  • Have someone in your group keep a list of both requests and answers then celebrate the answers.


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