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Message Series: Click Track Week #2

Message: Never Stop

Communicator: Pastor Kevin Geer

Big Idea: Keep praying and never give up pursuing God 

Central Text/s: Mark 6:31, 45-46, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Psalm 73:25-26

Wins and Words of the Week: Take time to share WINS, (what God did) and WORD, (what God shared with you from His word) that moved you and others forward and closer to Jesus.

Ice Breaker: How did you express worship this week? What are some examples?

Questions to Consider:  Choose questions that will work best for your group. Don’t feel you need to “get through” all the questions like a grocery list. Feel free to add to or ask a question in a different way than is written. Trust God for the robust discussion and fruit. 

  1. Where do you go when you need quiet and to refocus? 
  2. Describe a time in your life when you were super busy to the point of missing a meal? 
  3. What does “burnout” feel and look like for you? Give examples.  
  4. Prayer is the “second click” on the click track. What does prayer look and sound like to you?
  5. Is prayer for you more of a monologue or a conversation? Help us understand what that looks like to you. 
  6. What words do you use when you talk to someone special in your life? Give examples.

Digging Deeper:     

  1. Read Romans 8:34. What is this verse saying and what does this mean for us?
  2. Read Psalm 73:25-26. What do these verses mean to you? What words encourage and or challenge you?  Who do you know needs to hear this encouraging truth? 
  3. What is the difference between a “person of prayer” and a “person who prays”?
  4. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. What do these verses challenge us to be and to do? 
  5. Praying for and with others is another way to worship, so too is serving others. Who will you pray with this week and where can you serve someone as another expression of worship this week? 
  6. Of the four action steps that Kevin gave. Pray out loud, pray and listen, pray with someone, and never stop praying, which one is your biggest challenge and why? 

Questions for Application: 

  1. What specific steps will I/We take to live out what we just discussed? 
  2. Who can we share this message or truth with? What is their name?
  3. Who are you praying for to know Jesus? What is their name?
  4. Who will I partner with to keep me accountable so I/We can grow? 

Group Prayer Options: 

    • Ask:  What was one praise and one challenge you experienced this week? Celebrate the praises and pray for the challenges. 
    • Prayer Question: “What’s going on in our lives that we can involve Jesus?”
    • Ask if anyone has a need or knows of a need, you can also offer “unspoken” prayer requests. 
  • Pray together for our first responders, essential workers, local churches, pastors and staff, hospital personnel, civic leaders, our President and Congress.
  • Pray for the person on your right, it can be out loud or in silence, if in silence nudge the person next to you letting them know you are done. 
  • Prayer Clusters: Groups of two or three (by gender) and share your week together. Pray together and for each other. Send them a text, or leave a message letting them know you have prayed for them this week. 
  • Have someone in your group keep a list of both requests and answers then celebrate the answers.

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