next steps experience.

The Next Step Experiences are fun, fast paced, interactive events! Expect to laugh, meet new people, and go home know what your next step will be.

STEP 01:

In Step 01: Connections, we focus on learning stories: Canvas’ Story, God’s Story, and your own story as it builds your faith journey and connects you to community at Canvas. Our next Step 01 is Sunday, February 9, 9:00 am in Room 002.

STEP 02:

In Step 2: Community, we will explore key components to building healthy relationships, look at community through the lens of a thriving church family culture, and provide opportunities for you to experience God through connecting with others. Doing life together by living authentically is how we define real relationships. We are better together! Our next Step 02 is January 19, 9:00am, in Room 002.

Join us in our new challenge: Read the entire Bible in 49 weeks! You won’t regret it.