what does a healthy life group look like?

A healthy life group: People who are intentional to gather, grow and go!

Who: A diverse group of people who agree to share life together. They have Jesus in common, and they strive to fulfill the great commandment and commission together.

What: They will honor God, love each other, serve together, and help others experience Jesus in life changing ways.


  • They meet consistently, once a week for about 2hrs. (Location may vary)
  • They share coffee and a snack together (Make a sign-up list to rotate)
  • They invite Jesus to join and lead their meeting each week (See Talk it Over opening prayer)
  • They share WINS together (Think simple, attitude of gratitude)
  • They attend a weekly gathering, maybe together as a group
  • They discuss prepared questions based on the weekly message ( Talk it Over)
  • They discuss prayer needs and follow up during the week
  • They serve together
  • They are about making disciples, they pray for and invite their pre-Christian friends to a gathering and to their group.

What can I expect from Hosting or attending a life group:

● God has orchestrated this group, rejoice that you get to be part of it

● Jesus to attend all of your meetings

● People are messy, but we are all on this journey together

● New friendships and possibly life long friends

● You will be needed and known by the people in your group

Opportunities to serve/be served with your group members

Build community within the Canvas family

General Schedule: Schedule is flexible, find your group rhythm

7:00 – 7:15 Welcome/Snack/Name tag/Share life stuff

7:15 – 7:30 Opening prayer/Ask Ice Breaker question (See Group Toolbox)

7:30 – 8:15 Share wins of the week/Watch weekend message video or discuss Talk it Over


8:15 – 8:45 Alternate message discussion time, Talk it Over Questions

(If you watched the message video)

8:45 – 9:00 Prayer request/General announcements

9:00 Start on time end on time

Host Helps: First few meetings

Pray during the week for your group and your time together. Remember, it is Jesus’ group; thank Him for allowing you to be part of it.

Welcome: Greet people at the door, then give permission to just walk in (if you are comfortable). Perhaps after week one, put a note “Come on in” on your front door.

Cup in Hand: Show people where the coffee, water or snacks are. People feel more comfortable with something in their hand.

Names Tags: Provide name tags for the first few meetings until the group feels they know each other’s names.

Prayer: Always open your meeting (Invite Jesus to join your group and be the center of it) and close the meeting thanking Jesus for being there with you.

Share wins: Give your group the opportunity to briefly share what God did this week in your life or in those you share life with.

Ice Breaker Question: Choose a question that you think will get your group talking. (We provided you with list of ice breaker questions. You can also find it on the Toolbox page.)

What we value: Group guidelines to help provide some structure and to make your group successful. Provide each person in your group a copy and read through them, give clarity where needed, if your group is in agreement, ask them to sign your group copy.

Group Discussion: Before you either watch the video, or start the Talk it Over discussion questions, ask the Lord to give you ears to hear, a heart to receive it, and feet to live it.

Remember: The win is not to complete all of the questions, the win is to use the questions and have a robust discussion that is focused on being more like Jesus and loving one another.

Prayer Time: (See article on group prayer)

Pair up (by gender) exchange contact info for the purpose of letting each other know you are praying for them. No need to police their prayer request, just let them know you have prayed for them. Consider breaking into gender groups to share prayer requests.