group values

We Agree To the Following Values…

Clear Purpose: Create opportunities to experience God in a life changing way. To grow healthy, Christ like lives by living out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in and through your Life group

Group Attendance: To give priority to the group and the group meeting (Email or text if absent or late)

Authenticity: Create an atmosphere that encourages openness and transparency, an environment where people should feel free to be themselves, warts and all.

Safe Environment: To create a safe place where people can be heard and feel loved. We will be careful with being judgmental, giving quick answers, and offering simple fixes to complex situations

Celebrate Wins: We will celebrate answers to prayer, milestones, God moments and God movements as an expression of worship and praise, a WIN!

No Guilt Clause: To communicate grace to each other without judging or being condescending.

Confidentiality: To keep anything that is shared strictly confidential and within the group. What happens in group stays in group.

Conflict Resolution: To avoid gossip and to immediately resolve any concerns by following the principles of Matt. 18:15-17 which begins with going directly to the person with whom you have an issue.

Ownership Since this is God’s group and not merely the Host’s, as the body of Christ we will all share responsibility for the group’s mission, values, and goals.

Limit our Freedom: To limit our freedom by not serving or consuming alcohol during Canvas Life Group meetings or events so as to avoid causing a weaker believer to stumble or dishonor the Lord. 1 Corinthians 8:1-13, Romans 14:19-21

Accountability: We will individually give permission to at least one other person in the group to hold us accountable for the goals we set and prayer requests made.

Boundaries: We will be accessible and accountable to one another, and respect one another’s personal and family boundaries

Building Relationships: To get to know one another even outside the group time and pray for one another regularly with weekly follow up. Sharing life “offline” such as a fun social event, ministry opportunity or attend  a gathering together.

Welcome Newcomers: To pray for and invite our friends who might benefit from your group and warmly welcome newcomers. We are looking for ways to connect with the people in our circle of influence.

Missional Motivated: To work towards understanding how our group can effectively do personal, local, and global ministry, our GO! How can we together be more missional within our sphere of influence?

Multiplication: Group members recognize that one of the goals of the group is to start a new group/s within an agreeable timeframe, so others can experience a healthy life group experience.

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